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A report about fifty pioneering Brazilians that have contributed to change the world, from sciences to football. I interviewed twelve of them for the most influential weekly magazine in Brazil. 

Current Affairs

Paola Carosella na capa da tpm

Based on the United Nations’ reports, No More Silence is a feature article on the social and emotional consequences of child sexual abuse throughout survivors’ adult lives. After three years of researching the matter for a documentary I wrote, I thought it would be great to share what I learned with the public audience. My greatest challenge was approaching a sensitive matter in an educative and engaging way without using any jargon, yet assuring the accuracy. I wasn’t expecting that so many people would write to me to say how important the article had been to help them cope with their traumas.  


Culture + Arts


Creative magazine was the last home to my twelve year old interactive column before retirement, Kika’s Divan. With a loyal and engaged audience, the column brought readers answers and comments on their challenging romantic relationships.

Besides television reviews, I wrote an article on how fashion and uniformity are part of the control mechanisms of a patriarchal society aimed to profit. Bravo! magazine is one of the most important Brazilian publications on arts and culture since 1997.

Tell Me More

Fernanda Montenegro capa Bravo!

I particularly enjoyed writing a feature article on hyper-medicalisation of society regarding depression, for which I interviewed the most renowned Brazilian psychiatrists. Also, my profile of the moviemaker and political commentator 

Arnaldo Jabor was a finalist for the Abril Journalism Prize.

AOL offered me the privilege of writing weekly articles on relationships that could be either fiction or non-fiction, the size I wished - the dream of any writer! Throughout AOL’s presence in Brazil, my articles were the most-read and commented ones.

Mental Health

Family, Love & Sex

Daring to ask

Cosmopolitan (formerly Nova magazine in Brazil) hired me for two special editions dedicated to investigating the Brazilian women’s sexual life all over the country. I gathered and edited over 300 statements, and the first edition won the Abril Journalism Prize.

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capa nova escola menino trans

Specialised in Education, Nova Escola (New School) magazine provides teachers with simple tools to improve class quality - and promote social change through a better education to disadvantaged children in Brazil. 


Watch out Sex On The Couch! 

caetano veloso e filhos capa revista vip

Limitless nonsense

Mission: Baby Care

Cradle to my column Kika's Divan, VIP was the coolest magazine I have ever worked for, where creativity (and a bit of craziness) was rewarded with full-page space to young and ambitious editors and writers. There I wrote the funniest stories of my career. 

My first job as an assistant editor at a children's psychology magazine couldn’t have been more timely - I was immersed in the magazine's agenda myself, having two toddlers occupying all my mind at that time. 

capa revista meu nene com um bebe engatinhando
adriane galisteu capa playboy
capa viagem e turismo cancun cuba e jamaica

Trips & Dreams

Enduring love

Covering traditional gastronomy festivals in Brazil was one of my favourite freelance jobs, especially those in beach towns or the mountains. I also had a monthly column with stories on how I imagined places I never visited based on films and literature. 

Kika’s Divan, my interactive monthly column on relationships, was published at Playboy for almost two years after its happy and long life at VIP magazine, and before its final years at Creative. It lasted twelve years total.  


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